For several years now, we have purposefully focused on the farm and its guest accommodation being sustainably adapted for the future. Here are some important points to keep in mind that living with us provides a low carbon footprint and a better environment!

Surface geothermal heat
Already when we started with our guest accommodation in 2002, we invested in surface geothermal heating and there are now two heat pump systems installed on the farm. When Krusbärsstället was built in 2018, another heat pump of the air / water type was installed.

Renewable electricity
We have been certified electricity consumers for several years now, as we use renewable electricity from wind power, and by 2020 our own ground-installed photovoltaic system will be operational. In the future, it will provide us with approximately 25,000 kwh - a large part of electricity consumption.

Chemical-free sewage treatment
There are two mini treatment plants of the Ecobox type with chemical-free sewage treatment since 2018 and we use Nordic Ecolabelled products.

Color-coded waste sorting system
Since 2018, we have introduced a waste sorting system with color codes to simplify when our guests have to sort the rubbish correctly.

Organic field cultivation (ECOLOGICAL)
Since 2019, only organic crops according to KRAV (field beans, autumn barley, etc.) have been grown on the farm's fields around the farm buildings.

Charging stations
Three charging stations of 11 kw (16A) with two outlets each are available from 2020 and provide guests with charging service for hybrid and electric cars.