From Lyckås Gård it is not far to exciting activities. Kullabygden is also known for its rich cultural offerings. There is something for everyone! Here are some suggestions.
  • La Maison Francaise restaurant is within walking distance (900 m). A fantastic dinner with genuine French cuisine and good pastries. Run by a very nice couple!
  • Lovely sandy beaches with salt baths and Höganäs with the Ceramics / Outlet area.
  • Kullaberg - Sweden's most fun playground (see Activities)
    with Nimis (driftwood sculptures) and Söderåsens nature reserve.
  • About 20 fine golf courses within 30 km, such as S: t Arilds and Mölle.
  • Shopping at Väla, one of Europe's most modern fashion and business centers.
  • The flower castle Sofiero and Fredriksdal open-air museum and theater.
  • The aviation museum on old F10 or the railway museum in Ängelholm.
  • Traditional tour over to Helsingör or a cultural visit to Louisiana.