Sheep have been on the farm since the early nineties. Currently there are three tame young females of the Finull breed, named Pricken, Lillan and Storan. The sheep are around the houses, for most of the year, but when the grazing runs out in the beginning of summer they are moved to a paddock, in walking distance, where they stay well into the autumn before returning home for the winter period in the sheep stable. They are sociable and are happy to greet you directly with a characteristic "bää" when any new person enters the courtyard. Feel free to ask for some sheep candy to give them. Animals gives life and warmth and they definitely puts a nice touch to the farm.

the cats and THE rabbits

We have three cats on the farm. The large gray tiger Masse, an independent and lovely personality, who keeps clean of mice and other cats around our houses. 2015 we expanded with two new cats with a lot of energy. They have been named Athos, a black little cautious male and Pathos, a gray-tailed smart male, who is always looking for food - a survivor. They are used to people and curious about everything that happens on the farm, but can sometimes be a little reserved for new meetings.

We also have four rabbits on the farm. Two French males Aries, Espresso (Wildcoloured) and Silver (Graycoloured). The smaller female rabbits are called Sally (multicoloured) and Java (brown coloured). The rabbits have both huged indoor and outdoor space and our guests (both children and adults) can step inside to pet and play with them. Please ask before what you may give them to eat to keep them healthy.