OUR vision

Our vision already started at the rebuilding of the first guest accommodation. We wanted to make mark by retaining the unique environment and original charm of the farm, by preserving the unique buildings appearance on the outside and inside in a sustainability perspective. The impressive gray stone on the stable that has existed since the construction in 1917. During the renovation, we have taken advantage of the original, from the old windows and doo vaults to the load-bearing wooden beams that span the entire stable building. Bricks found in the stable floor have been plastered and reused in walls and more. The successful rebuilding was awarded with an honorary award in the swedish magazine Lantbrukets Affärer's building competition in 2007.

The outdoor and indoor environment on the farm is constantly changing and will never end. Our focus, today is towards sustainability and to make sure that our guests are satisfied with our quality accommodation and have a nice local environment. For the sake of climate, our vision is that our accommodation will also give a low carbon footprint and a better environment!

To proof this we use renewable electricity from wind power. The farms use the solar power through surface earth heat pumps and an air / water heat pump for heating of the accomodations. Two new Ecoboxes, mini purification plants are installed both on the farm and on the Gooseberry Lodge. We use only Nordic Ecolabelled products to make it easier for our guests. We have introduced a system of colours to simplify our guests to sort the waste. The farm's land cultured organically today.